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American Berkshires

Berkshires are a true heritage breed with quality pork that has been recognized and prized for over 300 years. They have the oldest recorded purebred swine pedigree history in the U.S., starting in 1875. Their dark heirloom pork, prized internationally by notable chefs for its rich traditional flavor and texture owes its superiority to the constant stewardship of the American Berkshire Association. Consistent qualities that make 100% Pure Berkshire Pork so extraordinary the incomparable flavor, color and juicy tenderness are the result of almost four centuries of careful Berkshire breeding. Berkshires produce a whole carcass that is well marbled. When consumers want pork that tastes good the Berkshire above all others is their favorite, not only in the United States but also in the foreign market.

Young Gilts"Hank" - Jr. Boar Sired by "Black Lion", at work!

Thick, well-muscled, good bone and GREAT genetics! Our Gilts have what it takes to mature into excellent sows. We have a NICE group of bred gilts to choose from. We have four boar bloodlines and can offer a "starter" herd of Berks. Schedule a visit and pick yours out.Scroll down for more pics.

Currently Available: Gilts of all ages from just weaned to bred and ready to farrow. 

Barrows available of all weights/sizes. QUALITY young boars available on a limited basis. Contact us for pricing on young pigs.

***Looking for a NICE, GENTLE 2yo boar?? Check out our Powerline boar below. He is For Sale. Bargain priced $800. This nice boar has grown into an outstanding boar. Plenty of size and would be a bargain for any breeder that needs a boar for sows. He is still breeding gilts but his size/height make him better suited for sows. We mainly need him for gilts. Reg., DNA banked and stressed tested neg. He is ready to work for you.

We do accept pre-weaning deposits to secure your pigs.

Below are pictures of some of our Berkshire breeding stock, plenty more quality Berks are on the farm that are not pictured. Boars at bottom of page. 




A BIG POWERFUL GILT FROM ANY ANGLE! Coming from one of the most respected Berkshire breeders in the industry.


Sired by A3C9 Gusto 9-1 x out of a Black Diamond daughter. Bred to SGI's Black Lion Boar, she is due end of June, 2012

This gilt will add another GREAT bloodline to our current lineup of GREAT GENETICS.

All gilts will be retained from her first litter.




"Star" - CHL30 Ms Studman 10-1
Date of Birth 1/6/10 Photos taken at 12 months of age
Sire: LM7 Studman 22-8
Dam's Sire: MFB1 Breakout 81-1
Bred 1/30/12 - litter will be sired by TLBO Big Foot 79-2 (DNA typed Stress Neg.)

This GREAT sow just keeps producing QUALITY pigs!! Her daughters are excellent gilts and perform well in the farrowing barn.

Just weaned another litter from this sow.



"Sally" - TLBJ0 Miss Sally 10-8
Date of Birth 2/3/10 Photos on left taken 7/18/11. Photo on right taken at 11 months of age
Sire: GBI7 Gem 4-4
Dam's Sire: IAUS4 Old School 28-4
Bred 2/1/12 to farrow the first of June, 2012 to our Senior Boar, TLB0 Big Foot 79-2


"Daisy" - GVF1 Sweetie  1-2
Date of Birth: 3/23/2011 Photos taken at 12 months of age just before her 1st parity
Sire: BSF9 Just Because 1-4 
Dam's Sire: JJH0 Spaz 5-4

A fancy gilt with plenty of thickness from front to back and a really nice pedigree. These pictures do not show the amount of length this gilt has since she is so heavy with pigs but she sure is long and thick!




"Candy" - TLBO Hustle Belle 63-4
Date of Birth: 4/13/2010

Sire: TLBJ8 Mr Wild Bill 51-1

Dam: TMF8 Hustle Belle 10-1

She offers Berkshire type, an easy temperament and she is a great producer.

"Delmar" - TLBO Big Foot 79-2 -  Our Senior Herdsire with Fantastic Genetics, Berkshire type and temperment! (photos at 1 year of age) He has grown into one NICE boar!!

Date of Birth: 6/1/2010 (Photos at 13 months of age) Stress tested neg.

Sire: OHF6 Big Foot 46-2

Dam: GFF6 Ophelia 353-4

This is a tremendous stud boar that covers the ground, has plenty of length and muscle!! Easy going temperament.  Adding a great amount of muscle definition to his pigs and wonderful toplines.


 "J.B."- GVF2 Powerline51 5-9 Date of Birth 4/4/12 out of a litter of 11. Stress tested neg.

Sire: GVF1 Powerline51 3-7  Dam: GVF1 Sweetie 2-1

Photo at 10 months of age. J.B has grown into a NICE Herd Sire. Pic does not do him justice. His first litters arrived in Febuary. Great Berkshire type, offering balance, depth, bone, substance and excellent growth rate. We are crossing him on our Senior Boar's daughters and have bred gilts available.

"Hank" = GVF2SGI Black Lion 14-5 DOB 6/29/12 out of a litter of 12. Stress tested neg.

Sire: GB10 SGI Black Lion 67-12  Dam: JTP1 Gold Miss 1-4

Photo at 9 months of age. WOW are we excited about this young boar. No show ring fluff to this boar, he is out in his "working" clothes taking care of business. Hank offers another great bloodline to our already strong lineup of Berkshire blood. Balance, length, thickness, long hip and bone. Bred gilts available by this nice boar.

Our Berkshires have been carefully selected and purchased from some of the top Berkshire breeders in the U.S. All of our breeding stock will be registered with the American Berkshire Association and we are certified 100% in the Pure Berkshire Pork meat program. These steps will ensure quality, traceability and require that our Berkshire herd be inspected and certified. Berkshire pork is known for superior quality and there is no substitute. We look forward to working with and expanding our Berkshire herd.

The quality care, safety and well-being of our Berkshires come first. They are provided with ample shelter, fresh air and exercise. No use of growth hormones or daily antibiotics only quality feed and the natural benefits of rooting for goodies.

Please contact us for the availability and prices of young gilts, feeder pigs and finished pigs.

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