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Border Collies

Our number one priority with our Border Collies is to maintain the working instinct and integrity of the breed. All our Border Collies are reg. with the American Border Collie Association. All Border Collies that are used for breeding must meet a strict list of criteria which includes sound conformation, eye exams, strong working instinct and trainability. We also expect them to be friendly and enjoy some "down" time to play, swim and just have fun. Keep in mind that Border Collies are a working breed and should never be considered solely as a pet unless you can keep them busy. We start instinct testing at an early age but structured stock training usually starts at around 12 months. During their puppy training, great care is taken to not allow them to develop any bad habits because afterall they are energetic, smart and always looking for fun/trouble.




border collie puppy

Special thanks to Windchazer, Inc. - Debra Marshall - Debbie sends us wonderful Border Collies for stock dog training and partners with us on litters.

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