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GVF Tip - Pic attached - Sired by Windchazer's Chaze, Tip is an extremely versatile working farm dog. Lovely temperament and a great mom. She has raised one litter of fantastic pups for us and we currently have one of her 2009 male pups available as a started working farm dog. Please inquire for "Pete's" information and price.




lassImported Lass from Wales. Lass was my top dog for 10 years. She passed away July, 2010. This special female is greatly missed.

janThis the late, great Imported Jan from Wales. My first Border Collie that got me started. She was a true representative of the breed. She raised several litters of pups and worked countless numbers of sheep, goats, and calves for us.

chazeChaze belongs to Debbie Marshall of Windchazer, Inc. We started Chaze in his training years ago and he went on to become a competitive sheepdog at trials. Now works with Debbie in the Canadian Geese control work and has sired many of the Border Collies we have trained, raised and sold.

katieKatie is a rescue that turned out to be a big help around the farm.

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