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Katahdin Sheep - Please Click on the "Prices" page for info on sheep available.ewes and lambs

ewes for sale

We had an EXCELLENT GROUP OF 2011 EWE Lambs with a 200% lamb crop - THANK YOU to our BUYERS

Spring 2012 Lambing started April 13th and will finish up mid-May. All lambs will be sired by GVF 395. This NICE ram has been sold to the Hoffmans. Pictured here at our farm.

spring sheepGlass View Farm maintains one of the Premier registered Katahdin Hair sheep flocks in the east. Offering a good selection of bloodlines in our quality breeding stock. Enrolled in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Resistence Program and all sheep are registered. Rams are DNA typed for Scrapie resistence. The flock is forage based, hardy, healthy and the ewes lamb out in the field. We provide minimal assistance and parasite resistance is a priority.
Ongoing years of drought has forced us to downsize from a 200 head flock to 75 head flock for 2011.3sheep Expecting to lamb the middle of April, 2011 with at least a 200% lamb crop. Ewe lambs for breeding stock will be available during the summer as well as feeder lambs. Lambs ready for the freezer late fall through the end of the year. Lamb availability may be limited if we have plenty of rain and grass so contact us and reserve your lambs early. We would very much like to continue increasing our flock again if the weather will cooperate

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